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Voice Recording
Available: Asynchronous w/optional live Q&A, or In Person

Do you need a pre-show announcement or vocal sound effect in your show? In this workshop, you'll see and learn the components of a real recording setup, watch the process of voice recording, see real-time editing of a recording in free Audacity software, and learn tips and tricks to become more proficient at the voice recording process.


Teaching Stage Makeup
Available: Synchronous, Asynchronous w/optional live Q&A, or In Person

For teachers. Most teachers and leaders in theatre education programs have very little formal training in stage makeup. In this workshop, makeup artist Gordon Hensley will share tips on teaching and assessing student makeup work, proper makeup removal, makeup kits and supplies, how to cut corners on costs, and the sanitary way to share makeup as a troupe.


Virtual Playback Theatre
Available: Synchronous

Playback Theatre is a performance technique based heavily on improvisation and storytelling.  In a Playback event, someone tells a moment or story from their life and then watches the actors as the story immediately "comes to life" as a piece of theatre.  Actors draw on non-naturalistic styles to convey meaning and to retell the story with artistic shape and nuance. This workshop focuses on the virtual Playback experience.

Introduction to Straight Makeup for Theatre
Available: Synchronous, Asynchronous w/optional live Q&A
, or In Person

All actors need to know how to do their own makeup. In this workshop, Gordon explains tips for the application of “straight” makeup for stage. Topics include color selection, application, highlight and shadow, finishing techniques, health & safety, and removal.

Teaching Common Core with Playback Theatre
In Person

For teachers. This highly interactive workshop explores Playback Theatre performance techniques for the classroom. Playback is a heavily improvisation-based technique that transforms real-life stories into pieces of theatre. Utilizing the National Core Arts Anchor Standards as a framework participants will conceive, perform, understand, and relate to Playback Theatre as a teaching pedagogy and a way to develop artistic literacy with students. Topics include an overview of Playback, the National Core Arts Standards, specific training in Playback techniques of fluid sculpture and three sole, conductor training, and a review of how this genre connects to the Common Core. This Playback Theatre intensive enriches the theatre education experience of teachers by providing a refreshingly new form of low-budget yet meaningful and impactful way to create theatre with a spectrum of ages and abilities.


More topics are available, let's talk!


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