If we put a smile on people’s faces and help our community we have done our jobs as entertainers.


Asheville Drag Brunch is the littlest big show in town!  The event is designed to showcase local and guest professional drag queens, promote local restaurant and bar businesses, and support local 501(c)3 organizations.

The show happens at multiple venues, is fast-paced family-friendly fun, and is designed to raise funds for non-profit organizations.  These local groups rotate and are advertised with each individual show.

A ticket to brunch ensures a seat at a table or bar, the meal, and a beverage. Remember to bring tips for the queens as this is the main way they raise additional money for the local non-profit.

During the glitter-adorned affairs, patrons howl, clap and cheer as professional drag queens channel celebrities and more with spot-on lip syncing and sky-high heels. And wherever you look, there is cause for celebration. Lively groups — of different genders, races and ages — whoop it up for all sorts of special occasions, from birthdays to bachelorettes to anniversaries, and even divorces.

Never been to a drag brunch? Here’s what you need to know before you go:

Doors typically open and you claim your seat/table and hit the buffet station or order your meal. The food is usually a blend of sweet and savory offerings.  If the event is at a venue selling alcohol you must pay for that separately.


But let’s be honest: you’re really there for the show. Once everyone is served and seated, the program begins. It is usually 3-4 performers who dazzle you with a couple of numbers each and the show lasts about an hour. Make sure to allow some wiggle room, because performances sometimes run over. The humor is mostly family-friendly, save for the occasional offhand comment, based on the audience energy and ages.


Remember to bring dollar bills to tip the professional performers, and do so generously. Think of all the practicing and primping that went into the acts, not to mention the bizarre expensive costumes and kooky shoes.  These queens ARE paid for their talent—but only by a portion of your tips—so when you tip you are donating to the local non-profit AND to the queen herself. To tip respectfully, fully extend your arm, with the cash in hand, to the performer. Please do not dance with the performer or put the money in an inappropriate place, unless she invites you to do these things of course.

Also, be polite, be present, and have an open mind. Root, applaud, and dance in your seat, but don’t be grabby/handsy or try to steal the show. Sing along, hoot, holler, have fun!

And get your tickets early.  This is a popular show concept and sells out all over the nation.

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